AboveTEK adjustable laptop stand for MacBook drops to $30

The AboveTEK adjustable laptop stand is like no other. If you want a non-static riser for your laptop then this is the product you should buy. Additionally, the AboveTEK Adjustable Laptop Stand is down to just $30 from its original price of $40 on Amazon, so it’s overall a worthy buy.

The stand is adjustable up to 180 degrees on the base and 360 degrees on the top platform using the included screw. You can also adjust the angles on up to 45 degrees for a completely ergonomic and customized view. A resilient and sturdy 3mm aluminum material make up most of the stand, and there are strategic vents and silicone mats to anchor the stand and your MacBook.

TEK Adjustable Laptop Stand

The AboveTEK riser can hold a max load of 44 lbs. When you’re done, simply fold the top platform down and stash it in your bag for convenience. Buy the $10 off MacBook stand today!