Accompany Your AirTag with the Official AirTag Loop for Just $22

There’s nothing quite like a first-party accessory for an Apple product. For AirTag owners, there’s the official AirTag Loop which is priced at just $21.96 on Amazon.

Adding a loop on your AirTags makes it more versatile. You now have the ability to attach the item finder on just about any possession or object, including your bag, luggage and scooter or bike, among others. Being made by Apple you can be sure that it’s durable enough to last practically a lifetime, and the color won’t likely fade anytime soon. Plus, it fits the AirTag perfectly so you won’t have to worry about the tracker falling out.

Apple AirTag Loop - Deep Navy Apple AirTag Loop - Deep Navy $29.00 $18.25

Material is about the same as straps on an Apple Watch, while the inner lining is similar to leather. Maintenance is a breeze since you can just wipe it with a wet cloth or tissue.

$22 is a great price for the official AirTag loop. Get yours today!

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