Act Now and Get the Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook at 50% Off

Get a high-quality and durable laptop rise at an amazing half-off. Today, the Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad Pro is down to just $29.98 from its original price of $60 on Amazon.

Twelve South’s laptop riser has a new wedge design to promote airflow and better cooling around your MacBook. As a stand, your MacBook’s screen will be elevated so you won’t have to strain your neck as compared to when the device is lying flat down on a desk. A nifty cable management feature on the back helps keep a neat appearance while providing unrestricted access to the device’s charging and USB ports, among others.


The ParcSlope also works with an iPad Pro when you need to do some work using an Apple Pencil. A sturdy base keeps things from sliding or moving around so you can work without worries. Buy the discounted Twelve South ParcSlope laptop stand today!