Add a High-Quality Streaming Microphone to Your Setup at $50 Off

Being able to speak clearly and be understood is an important element in streaming, as well as video call conferences. Today, you can get the NZXT Capsule USB Streaming Microphone, which is down to just $79.99 from its original price of $130 on Amazon.

NZXT’s microphone is great for casting, gaming and streaming, with several quality of life features that make work or play easier. High resolution voice pickup pairs very nicely with full HD or even 4K cams, and it won’t pick up background noise in the process.

NZXT Capsule

Installation is pretty quick and seamless, with the Capsule requiring zero washers or screws. Install the boom arm, then the software or just plug and play to start your stream. The Halo Indicator will tell you the status of your microphone at a glance.

The mic works straight out of the box on popular sites such as YouTube, Twitch and Discord. Buy it today at $50 off!