Add Extra Juice So You Can Do More with Your iPhone with this Power Bank


Get more use out of your iPhone with a MagSafe power bank. Today, OtterBox is offering a 3,000 mAh wireless power bank for just $29.10 from its original price of $50 on Amazon.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank

MagSafe charging is convenient because it doesn’t need extra wires, and you can easily acquire juice without having to align the magnets for more than a second.

OtterBox’s 3,000 mAh power bank can provide 7.5W of charging for your iPhone 12 or 13 model, with an LED light status and a USB-C port so you can charge non-MagSafe devices.

The Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe can survive a drop or two and can fit in any bag or pocket. It’s convenient, portable and an invaluable companion to get you out of a bind.

With a power bank on hand you won’t have to worry about running out of battery even in inopportune times. Buy the discounted OtterBox MagSafe Power Bank at nearly $22 off today!

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