Add the Apple Official Smart Keyboard to Your 10.2 inch iPad at 27% Off

A smart keyboard attached to an iPad extends the tablet’s capabilities beyond the touch screen. Today, the Apple Smart Keyboard for the 10.2-inch iPad is down to just $116.47 from its original price of $159 on Amazon.

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Apple Official Smart Keyboard

The ‘smart’ in Apple’s keyboard is more than just a label- it offers several conveniences that aren’t in other brands. You won’t need to charge or pair it- just attach the connecting end to the iPad and you can type on it immediately. More than that, the back end of the keyboard acts like a protective shield to ward off scratches and bumps aimed at the front display when you’re not using the device.

As far as the typing experience is concerned, you’ll be able to craft content, respond to emails, and pretty much everything else with a keyboard. The slim profile is tactile and responsive, and putting it away when you’re done is a snap. Buy the discounted Apple Smart Keyboard today!