Advanced fraud protection introduced to Apple Card in iOS 15

Apple Card gained a significant anti-fraud protection feature with the advent of iOS 15. Advanced Fraud Protection makes the payment platform more secure by regularly changing the 3-digit security code.

Advanced Fraud Protection has to be enabled in order to work. Once it does, the user’s three digit security code will constantly change. This eliminates the information falling into the wrong hands and being used if the merchant is compromised. Apple mentioned that it won’t impact recurring subscriptions and purchases.

Apple recommends turning on Advanced Fraud Protection by going to the Wallet app, then Apple Card and tapping the icon. Then, Advanced Fraud Protection will be located underneath and can be toggled via a button. This step by step procedure works on both iPhone and iPad.

Apple Card in iOS 15

Afterwards, users will see a clock icon next to their 3-digit security code.

iOS 15 has several notable changes to Apple Card, including a redesigned payment sheet and a more visible Apple Card number.

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