AirPlay iOS code found for Tesla vehicles

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla might be bringing AirPlay into its car models.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, previously hinted that AirPlay support may arrive for the brand. On Twitter, an account named ‘Tesla App Updates (iOS) says that their iPhone app has some codes that refer to the streaming feature. Currently, there hasn’t been any announcement about AirPlay support, but a publicly-released app version suggests that the feature may be coming in the future.


With AirPlay, Tesla owners can stream audio from their iPhones directly to the Tesla infotainment system. In theory, this allows for Apple Music to be streamed to the car speakers rather than waiting for a native app to arrive in the Tesla systems. It’s worth noting that Tesla is one of the few that stubbornly refuse CarPlay technology. Similar companies include GM, who intend to forsake Android Auto and CarPlay in favor of their own built-in infotainment platform.