Apple AirPods 2 might come in black variant with 15 minutes wireless fast charging


As with any Apple product release, there have been many rumors surrounding the companies latest product launch, the AirPods 2.

Apple AirPods 2

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple’s latest version of the AirPods could possibly fully charge wirelessly from 0%-100% within just 15 minutes, and the product might also get a whole new black color variant to come with it.

According to XDA writer Max Weinbach, the implementation of Qi charging is what will make the AirPods 2, alongside its case, to be able to charge so incredibly fast. It is also suggested that due to this fast-paced charging, the case will be a lot bigger in size, and heavier in weight, which is a sacrifice AirPod enthusiasts will have to make.

Jet Black AirPods concept [Image: Martin Hajek,, @deplaatjesmaker]For those looking to only upgrade their case, don’t be alarmed. The change in the design of the case will not affect its compatibility with that of the first generation AirPods. However, the case will be a lot different visually, from its predecessor, according to rumors the case will be bigger in size in one of its directions.

Additionally, Weinbach suggests that the AirPods 2 will come in an all-new color variant, matte black. It is said that it will be similar to the matte-finish that was used on the Apple Pencil.

If all these rumors are to be true, then it is a huge upgrade from Apple’s first-generation of wireless earphones, which can currently perform 3-hour playback from a 15-minute charge, and only comes in a white variant.

Apple AirPods 2 Release Date

The release of the AirPods 2 is still not yet confirmed but rumors have indicated that Apple will be launching the product as soon as March 29. However, the details of the product’s launch will become a lot clearer, as the release day gets nearer.