AirPods 2 to be more expensive and feature packed


Apple released its wireless earphones AirPods along with the iPhone when it ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack. Now, fresh reports suggest that the company is ready to launch a second generation wireless this September. They are definitely in need of an update and the same have been in stores for more than two years now.

AirPods 2 [[For representational purpose]

While the AirPods are truly wireless and were innovative at the time with its quick connect and decent battery life. Other smartphones makers and accessory makers have challenged Apple with their own; Samsung’s Galaxy Buds compete head-to-head with the AirPods.


The new AirPods will offer radically new features to win over the customers that still rely on their wired earphones. Doing so would require making the AirPods much easier to connect, less disconnection times, better battery life and good fit in the ears as they don’t have wires(they’d fall pretty easily).

Some of the reports that have surfaced the internet suggest that, the AirPods shell (which looks like dental floss) will be much bigger than the original. It will allow Apple to pack a larger battery, allowing users to keep their AirPods charged longer when on the street. Apple could also improve the charging times of the AirPods and the battery case as well.


AirPods 2 could be water-resistant like the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 was the first Apple smartphone to officially stated as “water resistant”. The next AirPods could very well be resistant to water in some sense, according to the trusty reports by noted Apple analysts. Also, the word has been that the AirPods 2 could also be aimed at fashionistas (maybe with more colour options).

So, the AirPods 2 could be as easy to use as connecting 3.5mm earphones, last longer with bigger battery, water resistant, and also much nicer looking. All this could mean that, the second generation AirPods would be priced higher than the currently selling model.

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