Apple could bundle AirPods with iPhone 12

AirPods are the best wireless earphones, period. They provide the wireless audio experience from pairing to the listening experience. The design of the AirPods also stands out with the ends sticking out of the ears like twigs. 

Initially, the people reacted to the AirPods design with funny memes, however it did not take a long time for people to agree that it’s the best design. While most wireless earbuds do not protrude out of the wearers ear, they do compromise on the audio quality as the battery and the speakers are packed together.

What’s the disadvantage of packing the speakers along with the battery in the same chamber? Well, the speakers get less space and that’s the reason, the AirPods actually sound better than most wireless earbuds.

From lightning to USB-C

The rumour mill is now reporting that, Apple has reached a point with wireless audio that the company is planning to bundle the AirPods along with the iPhone 12 Pro next year. It would be a logical move for the company as the company has long stressed on wireless audio (since the iPhone 7) and the company could experiment with the lightning port or move to USB-C altogether.

The regular AirPods cost $159 for the basic model which does not support wireless charging. The one with support for wireless charging cost $199 and the AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation cost $249.

Will Apple increase the price of the iPhone next year as it starts to bundle AirPods along with the iPhone? It’s very unlikely as the company is looking at making big savings by using a thinner, cheaper display and technologies like FaceID could turn cheaper as more and more products start to use the tech.

We will have to wait until September 2020 to find out whether Apple will actually bundle AirPods along with the iPhone.

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