Apple has recently outed a new update for all its AirPods models. It seems like version 4.2 doesn’t have any additional features except for bug fixes and stability.


Firmware for the AirPods is not disclosed by Apple, thus making the list of changes unknown. Before the 4.2 update the Conversion Boost feature was added for the AirPods Pro model.

AirPods users can wait for the firmware to be automatically applied, or set up the right conditions to start the process. All that’s needed is a connection to an iOS device and having the audio accessory placed within the charging case.

AirPods owners can also check to see if their firmware is already at the latest version. Simply head to the Settings app, choose General and About, then tap on the AirPods to bring up a menu. Afterwards, a display will show relevant device information, including the firmware version.


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