AirPods help track auto burglars in San Francisco


Berkeley police apprehended a man and woman due to suspected grand theft auto in the Bay Area.


Apple’s AirPods and the Find My network proved to be integral in the arrest of two individuals in San Francisco. An Oakland police sergeant used the AirPods’ location as it was stolen and the ping it generated to a Walgreens parking lot.

An airplane was tapped to find the vehicle, which led to a car chase as the suspects resisted a stop. The resulting chase encompassed areas such as Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, Richmond and San Leandro. Eventually, the authorities found the suspects as they abandoned the stolen car, which was an Audi.

The Find My network and Apple devices are often featured in news as it’s used to track down lost and stolen items. In May, a driver used the network to get back his stolen AirPods. In another, a pair of AirPods was used to reveal troop movements in Ukraine.

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