AirPods Max, AirPods, and AirPods Pro get new firmware update

Apple has released new firmware updates for the AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and regular AirPods.

Firmware version 6 adds AirPods Pro 2 features, improved switching, and compatibility with the upcoming iOS 17. Build number 6A301 is for the AirPods Pro 2 and includes Conversation Awareness and Adaptive Audio when paired with an iOS 17 device. The AirPods Max, AirPods 3, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro are relegated to build number 6A300 and include automatic switching improvements and the ability to unmute and mute calls.


Release notes are published and available to view on Apple’s official webpage and connected devices. AirPods users can try to force the firmware update by connecting their earbuds to an iOS device, and then going to the Settings, General, and About page. It’s recommended that you plug both devices into a charger or have sufficient battery to complete the process. For the AirPods, the firmware version might be found in Bluetooth, then Information.