AirPods Max: Expensive but sells

Apple released its premium over-ear headphones AirPods Max earlier this month. The most striking point of course was that they cost $549 (USD). As expected, the majority of the people on the internet started trolling the company for releasing yet another overpriced product. 

Nonetheless, there appear to be some people that truly like the idea of AirPods Max, regardless of the price, as the headphones are now “sold out” for sometime – meaning new orders won’t ship sometime until around March of 2021. However, there is no information on how many units of the AirPods Max were available for shipping this month or even the next. 

AirPods Max: Expensive but sells

AirPods Maxed Out Pricing

It’s totally plausible that Apple made a very limited number of AirPods Max as it’s a super expensive product. The whole (majority) of the tech media industry is only focussing on the fact that the AirPods Max are sold out. Not many are asking the important question – how many units were even sold in the first place?

AirPods Max: Expensive but sells

Most Apple products sell like hot cakes as there is a growing following for the brand. Also, the AirPods changed the wireless audio industry by setting a standard. Major other companies have copied Apple’s formula for creating their own wireless earphones. It’s also important to note that AirPods were initially mocked by the masses for their unusual design. 

The AirPods brand has become so popular and widely known by now, that AirPods branded headphones will have no major trouble in terms of sales. However, the AirPods Max are definitely more expensive than the very similar wireless headphones from its competitors such as Sony, Bose, and many more. 

The noted Apple leakster Jon Prosser has said that Apple is working on bringing a cheaper version of the AirPods Max to the stores. It’s unclear as to when Apple will release the product though – early 2021?