AirPods Max featured in latest iFixit Teardown

Popular review site iFixit has set its sights on the latest Apple product, the AirPods Max, and will determine whether the device will be repairable or not in the upcoming days.

During disassembly iFixit has had an x-ray done on the innards of the headphones. The crew found a battery cell found in each ear, microphone brackets, alignment magnets, dual ring speaker drivers and more.

AirPods Max

Due to the amount of glue involved iFixit was not able to get into the AirPods Max easily. The logic board in each cup will be checked with greater detail in the next iteration of the teardown.

AirPods Max iFixit Teardown

No other detail has been disclosed other than the ones mentioned above. iFixit mentioned that they will update content over the next few days and has teased ‘more to come’ and a surprise for headphone enthusiasts.

AirPods Max is Apple’s first branded headphones and features adaptive EQ, spatial audio, active noise cancellation and transparency mode. It’s available in 5 colors and has a price tag of $549.