AirPods 3 with new design to release soon

Apple is reportedly set to release an updated version of its popular AirPods sometime soon. The standard $159 AirPods were last updated in March 2019 with improved battery life, the H1 chip for faster connectivity, and ‘Hey Siri’ support. It is plausible that Apple could launch new AirPods in March 2021, marking a two years run of the AirPods 2.

The iPhone 7 started the trend of wireless earphones as the phone did not have a headphone jack. It was still possible to use lightning based earphones but Apple had already begun suggesting AirPods to iPhone users by releasing them alongside the iPhone 7. The first generation AirPods were released at the September ‘Special Event’ in 2016. Apple touted the move to removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack as ‘courage’.

AirPods 3 with new design to release soon

Compact form factor in the works

The upcoming AirPods 3 will reportedly look like the current generation AirPods Pro, reported Bloomberg sometime ago. The AirPods Pro features a smaller, compact form factor compared to the standard AirPods model. The sticks protruding out of ears on the AirPods Pro are much shorter than the standard AirPods. 

Apple AirPods with Charging Case
Current generation AirPods

The AirPods 3 will be smaller, based on multiple reports by various Apple analysts. Bloomberg added that while the AirPods 3 will feature an AirPods Pro esque design, it will miss out on premium features such as active noise-cancellation. The AirPods Pro will continue to be the higher end model active noise-cancellation for the foreseeable future.

AirPods have changed the audio industry and also the smartphone world. It was the iPhone which made other smartphone makers follow Apple and ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, very soon after the release of the iPhone 7. The upcoming AirPods 3 will likely bring improved battery backup, improved audio quality, and improved connectivity.

Apple currently sells the standard AirPods for $159 along with the option for wireless charging case for $199.