A Washington woman was able to get back her AirPods by using the Find My network to locate the earbuds.


Alisabeth Hayden lost her AirPods, which were supposed to be in her jacket. She turned to the Find My app to follow the earbuds which went to a place called ‘United Cargo’, or a special spot designated for employees. Hayden saw that the AirPods moved several times and finally landed in a Bay Area residential location.

She then emailed United executives while marking her earbuds as ‘lost’ in the Find My app. The one who tried to use her earbuds will receive a message with her contact number. The big break came when a San Mateo detective found the exact address and found the employee for questioning.

Hayden finally retrieved her AirPods but it was broken. United gave her 5,000 airline miles and $272 to get a brand-new pair as an apology.


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