The AirPods Pro are discounted at Amazon

The newly launched AirPods Pro are now available at $234.99 on Amazon US website. The savings may not be much but you still save $15 and if you have been holding out your “earphones budget”, this may be the time for you to shell that money.

AirPods Pro Amazon Discount Deal

Preview Product Price
Apple AirPods Pro Apple AirPods Pro $299.99

Apple AirPods are the best wireless earbuds on the market, period. You may hate the design or love the design but what can’t be denied is the overall package of love the AirPods provide is just unmatchable by another. The initial reaction to the AirPods was pure humour criticizing the design of the product – the sticks pointing out of the wearers ears.

This is the AirPods Pro by Apple.

Well, the advantage the AirPods have over other wireless earbuds is that by having an elongated design, Apple is able to pack the battery in the long-end sticks, allowing it to pack the speakers in the main chamber. Whereas the other wireless earbuds makers pack both the battery and the speakers in the same chamber which makes the product compromise on sound quality.

Form or function?

While it appears that the AirPods choose form (design) over function, it’s actually the opposite. The design of the AirPods allow it to produce sound in the chamber without having to deal with the battery. Also, the design of the AirPods Pro allows them to take “noise” from the outside using an opening on the shell and cancelling out the noise with anti-noise frequencies.

The AirPods Pro sell for $249 which is not affordable by any standards. A lot of people buy smartphones worth this price or lower. However, the AirPods Pro cost well above $200 because of its Active-Noise cancellation (ANC) feature along with silicon tips instead of hard shell plastic.

If you have been planning to buy the AirPods Pro, this might be the best time to buy for some time to come. Check out the offers on AirPods Pro on Amazon.