AirPods Pro Deal: $219 on Woot for Amazon Prime customers

Apple is the dominant player in the field of wireless earphones – its AirPods are considered the best all-rounder. The company continues to expand its presence in the market by introducing more and more of the type – last year saw the release of the much loved AirPods Pro which cost $249.

However, users can avail a great discount on the AirPods Pro right now. Amazon owned online store Woot is selling the AirPods Pro for $224.99 which is a good deal. Also, with a cherry on top, all Amazon Prime customers can avail an extra $5 discount when they login to Woot using their Amazon account – bringing the price down to $219.99.

This is the AirPods Pro by Apple.

The deal on AirPods Pro comes as a month end flash deal – $20 is also a good discount on the slightly expensive wireless earphones. They are of course worth it as they pack active noise-cancellation and have silicone tips as compared to nothing on the standard AirPods Pro. There are two types of people: those who prefer the silicone tips and those who enjoy the bare naked experience.

If you are one of those who prefer the silicone tips and have been considering buying the AirPods Pro or any other active noise-cancellation wireless earphones, it’s worth checking out the deal on Woot. Also, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, do not forget to avail the extra $5 discount by clicking the “Login with Amazon” button.

As a comparison, the AirPods Pro are being sold for $227.99 which makes the deal on Woot much more juicy. Buying the AirPods Pro on Woot would save Amazon Prime customers an additional $8.

Apple’s AirPods are definitely not the best wireless earphones in the industry but they are the best in terms of ease-of-use and connectivity as they tightly integrate with Apple products.