AirPods Pro’s new spaital audio feature offers a 3D experience

Apple announced some major new software updates to its range of operating systems at its annual developers conference. The AirPods Pro also received a major new feature – spatial audio for a much more immersive experience.

At Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020, Apple has added a feature to the AirPods Pro which will allow the AirPods Pro to create a new audio experience by making the audio emerge from different points and gives users an awareness of the location from where the audio is produced.

AirPods Pro’s new spaital audio feature offers a 3D experience

For example, in movies, sounds are produced from various locations in the scene, Apple’s update to AirPods Pro gives users a sense of the scene by creating an atmosphere of the scene which is commonly known as 3D audio. Apple however refers to it as spatial audio. While the feature has not yet been released to the public, it sure sounds like a major update to the already excellent AirPods Pro.

Apple has been investing heavily in improving its Augmented Reality (AR) experiences over the years. While the iPhone and the iPad have some augmented reality (AR) capabilities, the company is reportedly working on a new pair of glasses which will offer a much more immersive experience.

By adding 3D audio to its flagship AirPods Pro, Apple appears to be setting the stage for its upcoming AR glasses. Offering a much nicer and immersive audio experience will go hand in hand with an immersive visual experience.

It has been reported that the spatial audio (3D audio) features will be released to the AirPods Pro as part of a firmware update. We do not know when the update will be released to the public. However, it’s highly plausible that the update will be released alongside iOS 14’s public release and upcoming flagship iPhone lineup release in September.