2nd generation AirPods Pro might launch this year

The AirPods Pro’s successor is expected to have a launch date of 2022, particularly the second half. DigiTimes has reported that Apple’s suppliers are getting ready for the shipment to meet the demand for the high-end AirPods.

Rumors have circulated around the internet regarding the AirPods Pro 2 specifications, with lossless audio, better sound quality and a redesign leading the pack. In the 2nd half of 2022 Apple enthusiasts might see a glimpse of the new AirPods Pro in action.

2nd Generation AirPods Pro

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo speculates that the 2nd generation AirPods Pro will have a new design, as well as a charging case that can emit a sound for location tracking purposes. The audio wearable is expected to have a Find My integration to accomplish this end.

Audible case aside, the new AirPods Pro might support Apple Music lossless audio which will be the first of its kind. Recently, Apple execs mentioned how Bluetooth limited the AirPods’ potential and wanted ‘more bandwidth’.