Apple’s flagship earbuds are at a 30 percent discount. Today, you can buy the AirPods Pro for just $174 from its original price of $250 on Amazon.

Apple AirPods Pro
Preview Product Price
Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation) Apple AirPods Pro (1st Generation) $249.00 $146.24

The AirPods Pro is an exceptional earbuds product with all the right features. You can use it practically anywhere- while lounging around the swimming pool, on commute or when you’re playing your favorite videogame, movie or music.

You can achieve total immersion via the Active Noise Cancellation feature, and turn it off with Transparency Mode if the sound of the surrounding environment is more important. Adaptive EQ and spatial audio make every sound and note better, and there are 3 different eartips for a customized fit.

The AirPods Pro is water and sweat resistant and you can call up Siri if you’re looking for hands-free voice commands. A single charge along with the charging case delivers up to 24 hours of playback.

Buy the AirPods Pro at a whopping 30% discount today!


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