AirPods Pro beta firmware adds Conversation Boost


Apple’s second beta firmware update for its AirPods Pro features a new technology called Conversation Boost.

AirPods Pro

The update was released just last week but it didn’t come with release notes. Beta testers who tried it out reported on social media the Conversation Boost addition, which makes hearing easier for those who are challenged.

The firmware update, 4A362b was initially thought to contain only minor tweaks, improvements and bug fixes. Conversation Boost was initially introduced during the June WWDC and uses machine learning and mic beamforming technology to focus on human voices, particularly a person who’s speaking directly in front of the user. It also filters out ambient noise and could debut this fall when iOS 15 is released to the public.

Developers and those interested can try out the beta firmware for their devices by going to the official Apple developer site. Users will need a fully charged AirPods Pro, Xcode 13 on the Mac and an iPhone with iOS 15.

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