AirPods Pro firmware update tool available in Apple Stores

AirPods Pro owners can now bring their audio accessory and have its firmware updated at an Apple Store.

The diagnostic tool for AirPods Pro will allow technicians to update the AirPods Pro to the latest firmware, which can come in handy in several scenarios and when the customer brings their AirPods Pro for repair. The tool can help in instances where the customer has a different firmware version for the AirPods Pro and the charging case, the customer has an Android device or if either pod has not received the firmware update.

Apple says the diagnostic tool is compatible with AirPods Pro models with MagSafe charging case and wireless charging case. It’s not mentioned if the tool can be used to update the firmware of the non-pro models or the recently launched AirPods 3.

The Firmware Updater is considered for internal use only. News of the tool was first posted on social media platform Twitter.

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