AirPods Pro repair program goes live


Apple has recently set up a new service program that deals with AirPods Pro hardware issues, notably ANC and static or crackling noise concerns.

AirPods Pro

Apple has laid out a guideline for those who are experiencing possible faults in their AirPods. Affected AirPods could display two issues- Active Noise Cancellation not working as intended, e.g., increased background noise or not hearing bass sounds, or experiencing static or crackling noise while talking to somebody on the phone or while exercising.

AirPods Pro owners who have these issues can take their AirPods to an authorized service provider or Apple Store as long as their devices were manufactured before October 2020.

A technician will inspect whether the AirPods displays these issues and check to see if either left, right or both AirPods are affected. For those who are eligible Apple will fix them free of charge.

AirPods Pro users have been complaining for months regarding the ANC and noise crackling issues. The program is reserved for AirPods Pro units only.

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