Better charging case and hearing aid function may arrive on AirPods Pro 2


Leaked details about Apple’s upcoming ‘AirPods Pro 2’ model involve the accessory working as hearing aid and a refreshed charging case, among others.

AirPods Pro

52 Audio recently mentioned that the next AirPods Pro will have a new H1 processor, heart rate detection and two sets of microphones situated right in the charging case. The site posted photos, or renders that are based on the leaked information which seems to have come from internal sources.

Hearing aid functionality, improved audio and USB-C charging for the case is said to arrive for the AirPods Pro 2. The mic on the charging case indicates a Find My audible feature.

The MagSafe charging case gets ambient audio collection and hearing aid technology, thanks to the mic located at the right side. It has also been presumed that the case mic will be used for audio enhancement and processing for hard-of-hearing users.

Other AirPods Pro 2 rumors suggest stemless earphones and several health updates.

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