iOS reflects AirPods Pro 2 engraving in connection mode

AirPods Pro 2 users who opted to get an engraving on their charging case will get to see it represented while pairing with an iOS device.

The second generation AirPods Pro is now represented in the iOS screen, including engravings that include Memojis and select emojis. This feature isn’t supported in other AirPods and is a nice surprise, albeit only in aesthetic terms. Completing the pairing allows the user to see if it’s their AirPods Pro that will be connected to their device.

AirPods Pro

Apple’s newest Pro-style earbuds will be arriving to customers today. It has the newer H2 chip and improved Active Noise Cancellation technology. The charging case now has a lanyard loop built in, deeper integration with Find My and an audible speaker for location purposes.

The AirPods Pro 2 is now available to buy on and the Apple Store. The price is set at $249 in the US.