USB-C to arrive on next AirPods Pro

Bloomberg reported that the next AirPods Pro charging case will have a USB-C port.

As previous rumors claim, Apple will be introducing USB-C charging on its iPhone 15 lineup. It’s expected that the new AirPods Pro will feature the same specifications while the other AirPods models will stick to their current port.

AirPods Pro

Software updates will come to the new AirPods Pro model, although the hardware will mostly stay the same. Features such as Conversation Awareness, where the music will gradually lower when the earpods detect conversation, is set to be added to the product. The Cupertino-based company is believed to add the ability to unmute and mute music straight from the AirPods themselves. Health features are incoming but they may not be revealed in the September event.

The move to USB C will bring better charging efficiency and was mandated to be the standard in European countries. The iPhone 15 may be unveiled this month.