A New Jersey woman credits the Apple AirPods for saving her life after an injury.


60 year old Susan Putnam was alone in her studio working while listening to music on her AirPods. Then, she recounted how she tripped on a box and hit her head against metal poles in her studio.

Putnam then realized she had a head accident and was bleeding out. She remembered that she still had her AiPods on, and said ‘Hey Siri, call 911’. The call was connected and soon two police officers and paramedics arrived. She went in an ambulance and had her head treated.

Putnam says she’s thankful that she was wearing her AirPods or else she may have not lived. Oftentimes it’s the Apple Watch that gets the accolades for saving lives but today it’s the AirPods and its Siri function.

All of Apple’s AirPods have Siri voice assistant integration and can be used to make calls or read messages on the iPhone.


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