AirPods Sticker Prank Prowls San Francisco [Video]


Nothing would let you do a double-take more than an AirPods lying on the street. But, surprise! It’s just a prank by Pablo Rochat, an artist, and resident of San Francisco.

AirPods Sticker Prank

Rochat has placed numerous stickers made to look like an Apple AirPods in the city streets to try and get people to make a fool of themselves. The artist discovered that while most people found it funny, a few were angry over it.

AirPods Prank Video

On Twitter, Rochat is offering sticker templates on both the AirPods Pro and the AirPods, and people are considering several variations of the original prank.

A fellow named andyeb suggested making 3D prints of the AirPods, while Euphoreign says that he could make the prank by cutting the wires off old Apple headphones. RobertPhroehm wanted an electrical socket sticker for using on airports and train platforms.

San Francisco dwellers, consider yourselves warned. In a somewhat related news, a survey reveals that the AirPods are the top most wanted gift by teens.


Samantha Wiley

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