Apple has recently shared a new video ad touting the AirPods versatility and wireless charging capabilities. ‘Bounce’ is the name of the video, and in it an AirPods user moves from one scene to the next while bouncing off street objects. At the end of the ad, Apple says that the AirPods voice-activated Siri and wireless charging have never felt ‘more wireless’.

AirPods Wireless Charging Featured in New Apple Ad

The background music is ‘I Learnt Some Jazz Today’ and was created by Tessellated. Interestingly, the wireless charging equipment was Boost Up Charging Pad by Belkin.

In March, Apple released the AirPods with wireless charging feature and added a separate wireless charging case for original AirPods users who wanted Qi charging. The demand made it hard for people to get ahold of an AirPods with the wireless charging feature. But now, it’s available on Amazon at a discounted price.

Apple AirPods are currently a cultural phenomenon. Its wireless features give a whole new meaning to the term “hassle-free acoustics”.


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