Apple’s tracking device has been used to recover a missing suitcase in Germany.


Elliot Sharod went to South Africa for his wedding. Upon his arrival back at Dublin, he found that his luggage had vanished. Luckily he had put an AirTag on one of his belongings- in a sock.

Sharod tracked the luggage using his Apple AirTags and discovered that it was sent to Frankfurt in Germany. He contacted the airline and mentioned that his bags went missing. In response, Aer Lingus said that the bags will be routed from Frankfurt to London, then to Sharod’s place of residence in Surrey.

Three bags were supposed to arrive but only two made it on his doorstep. The third was misplaced, but after reaching out on social media and going on CNN the bag was returned April 22.

The Apple AirTags is a long-awaited tracking device that was unveiled during the ‘Spring Loaded’ event last year. 


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