AirTag teardown video surfaces online


Not just a month in after the AirTag was released and we’re already seeing teardown videos for the new device tracker accessory.


Haruki, a Japanese repair channel has uploaded an AirTag teardown video, which provides viewers a closer look at the tracking product’s internal design and components.

At the start of the video the AirTag’s back metal cover was easily removed. To get a glimpse of the innards the technician disassembled the battery plate, revealing the U1 chip and others.

Narration is in Japanese but the clip gives information about the internal design, such as the O-shaped circuit board. The technician noted in the description how the coil housing works like a diaphragm, and how the voice coil motor vibrates due to different current changes.

The Apple AirTag was announced during the ‘Spring Loaded’ event and officially was made available for preorders April 23. Orders are now being fulfilled in the US, which means more teardown videos surfacing online.

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