AirTags’ Find My has a hidden developer menu

Apple announced its item-tracking device AirTags at the ‘Spring Loaded’ event in April. In a new development, a user has found a secret hidden menu inside the Find My app. The app is the central hub for finding the tracking devices and all other supported devices.

A Redditor found the hidden menu inside the Find My when frustratingly tapping around inside the app. In annoyance of the tracking device – AirTags – not pairing, the user reportedly continuously tapped on their name displayed in the app. Doing so enables something like a developer’s mode which shows a lot of data and sliders.

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My experience of AirTags thus far has been underwhelming – the first one out of the box failed to pair four times in a row when it was sitting on top of the phone. Now that it is finally connected, anything outside of 0.8m/2.6ft away shows as a weak signal and when I can get a signal, there is never an arrow. Funnily enough, I tapped on my name about five times in frustration, and found what appears to be a hidden developer mode. Even more interesting, the arrow appears to actually be working underneath – just not in the normal mode.

AirTags’ Find My has a hidden developer menu
AirTags’ Find My has a hidden developer menu

On Reddit, a user notes that the sliders on the bottom apparently are fort the colors that show up when a user gets closer to their AirTag.“A=% mixed with view; H=hue; S=saturation; V=value/brightness,” says Redditor pmarksen. “The top two sliders relate to camera blur, and brightness. Not sure what the middle ‘sum’ slider does yet.”

The Verge has reportedly contacted Apple for a comment on users being able to access an all data and sliders view in the Find My app. However, the publication notes that the only reply from the company will be an “embarrassed silence”.