A trio of Apple AirTags proved to be the MVP in the hunt for a stolen Range Rover in Canada.


A Canadian bought a Range Rover to replace the one that was stolen about a month ago. The Canadian was unable to retrieve his first stolen vehicle as the phone and wallet were thrown off to prevent tracking. He recalled how the thieves disabled the car tracker that was installed by the manufacturer.

The car thieves stole the car even as he stored the keys in a faraday box, but now ‘Lorne’ had put not just one, but three AirTags in his second Range Rover, particularly the back seat, spare tire and in the glovebox.

He found out on June 22 that his vehicle was stolen again, and used the Find My app to track his Range Rover to a metal recycling plant in Scarborough. ‘Lorne’ was able to get back his car and eight others.


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