A Florida cop was suspended from duty when it was found that he was stalking his ex-girlfriend using an Apple AirTag.


AirTags are often tools used in stalking, and Apple will be introducing several countermeasures to prevent it from happening in the future. However, the tracking device is being employed in nefarious means, such as tracking a person without their knowledge or consent.

The Miami Herald reported that a woman found out that she was being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Javier Magarin with an AirTag in her vehicle. The woman said that there was a bleep coming from her car and suspected Magarin, but the Florida cop denied it.

The woman then drove to the Miami-Dade Police Northwest District station to report the incident, and an AirTag was found in her car’s rear bumper. After an investigation it was found that Magarin owned it, and the cop was charged with illegal use of a tracking device and misdemeanor stalking.


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