AirTags used to track dog in Florida

A runaway dog in Florida was ‘rescued’ with the help of Apple’s tracking device.

‘Rocky’ escaped home with the owner realizing her dog was missing. However, Denise Huertas remembered that she had attached an AirTag and quickly checked her iPhone and the Find My network.


Denise was that her dog was about twenty minutes away- she then discovered that ‘Rocky’ had been brought to the Orange County Animal Services. The employees there noticed that the dog had a tracker, and one of them said that they’d never ‘seen’ this kind of pet technology.

Although the AirTag was instrumental in finding the lost dog, animal services said that there are more traditional methods, such as an ID tag or a microchip. Apple cautions against using the AirTag for children or pets, as they will need to get in range of a nearby Find My network in order to be visible. For tracking children, the company recommends an Apple Watch that’s registered in Family Setup.