Alexa can now open iOS and Android apps via ‘Alexa for Apps’


Alexa has gained a new feature, one that allows the assistant to open iOS and Android apps using voice commands.


Today, Alexa for Apps has launched and makes things easier for iPhone and Android device owners.

Requests can be made via the Alexa app, Alexa accessories and phones with Alexa built-in.

iPhone owners can ask Alexa to open Instagram and look for a trending hashtag. The assistant will then open Instagram and show relevant results they can browse through. Or, users can ask Alexa to begin recording for hands-free capture.

Alexa for Apps works on mobile apps and can display content through deep links. Custom skills can be added as well but the app developer will need to integrate the Alexa for Apps functionality into it. The voice assistant can act as a backup for devices that already have one built in.

Alexa for Apps is just one of the many Alexa-focused news shared by Amazon during its Alexa Live event.

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