Alexa now supports text questions and commands on iOS


Amazon has recently updated its voice assistant Alexa to ‘hear’ commands and questions via text. It can now accept typed commands as well as the usual voice prompts.

‘Type with Alexa’ is a new feature that’s available to those who have signed up for the public preview program. iOS Alexa app users can access the text window by going to the keyboard icon located at the left side, then inputting the command via keyboard.

Non-public preview users will have to wait for the beta feature to end to be able to type to Alexa. Otherwise, it’s a matter of updating the Alexa app in iOS to see the new keyboard icon.

Similarly, Apple’s Siri has always had the type to Siri option that’s introduced in iOS 11 which works the same way. Instead of speaking to make Siri complete an action Apple users can type them instead. Google Assistant has this as well.

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