Alexa recording opt-out follows in Apple Siri’s footsteps

Alexa users will now have a choice on whether they’d want to have their recordings reviewed by people or not. According to Bloomberg, Amazon announced the new policy yesterday.

An Amazon spokeswoman said that in order to remove the recordings from the pool, you must find the option within the Alexa app on Android and iOS platforms. Furthermore, a disclaimer will now be displayed in the app to let users know their recordings may be reviewed by people, which wasn’t there before.

Previously, there was a report that said how Amazon employed a team to listen in on Alexa clips. Amazon stated that only an extremely small sampling of these recordings were analyzed. Apple has had similar practices with its Siri technology, and mentioned that grading will be suspended until the review is completed. Afterwards, users will have the option to opt out of the Siri grading program completely.

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