Amazon gets ahead of Apple in Wondery acquisition

Amazon released a statement that it will be buying Wondery and have the podcast startup as part of its Amazon Music platform.

It was rumored that Apple had spoken with Wondery about the possibility of getting bought by the Cupertino-based company. However, it seemed that the opportunity passed and now Amazon will be adding Wondery’s content within its Amazon Music service.


Wondery will still be working with Apple, particularly turning its podcasts into TV shows for Apple TV+. Wondery had an asking price of somewhere around $300 to $400 million, which may have been too steep for Apple.

Amazon’s acquisition has vaulted it into the competitive sphere among the likes of Spotify.

Apple has had a history of buying podcast companies. They bought Pop Up Archive in 2017 for search purposes and Scout FM in 2020 for radio-style stations.

Amazon says Wondery podcast listeners will still be able to consume content through various providers.