iPhone boosts Amazon’s Great Indian Festival: More than $7.5 billion in revenue


Amazon India is running its annual flagship sale: The Great Indian Festival from 29th September to 4th October. The big news for Apple fans is the great reduction in the price of the iPhones. In India, it has always been the older generation iPhones that have sold well for their low price.

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In just two days of the sale, Amazon reports that it has generated more than $7.5 billion in revenue (all product categories). It also adds that this year Apple’s iPhones account for a good percentage of the sales with others being Samsung, OnePlus, and more. Indians responded positively to the iPhone price reduction in the country with The Great Indian Sale.

The iPhone XR which was launched last year for Rs. 76,000 (1,070 USD) in the country was on sale for less than Rs. 40,000 (565 USD). While Apple has killed the iPhone XS and XS Max, the iPhone XR is here to stay for long as it’s a great device for the price. The device has fantastic battery life with users reporting that they are able to use the phone on a single charge for more than a day.

Local assembly helps the cause

Coupled with phenomenal system and camera performance, the iPhone XR has become the goto phone for Indians. The price is still high compared to average selling price (ASP) in India which is $200. However, the multiple price cuts from Apple and online retailers has made iPhones more accessible.

Apple is also continuing to invest in its assembly plant in the state of Bengaluru in India. The Wistron Apple plant in India is believed to be working on the iPhone 7 at the moment. The plant was previously used to assemble the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S. Earlier this year, major news outlets reported that Apple is planning to assemble its flagship phones in the near future as well.

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