Amazon Music Quickly Growing, But Apple Still In The Lead


In a report published today by The Financial Times, it’s been detailed how Amazon Music is outpacing that of Apple Music and Spotify. This was right after Eddy Cue announced that Apple Music has reached 60 million subscribers.

Amazon Music

Last year alone, Amazon Music Unlimited grew to 70 percent in subscriber base. In April, it was reported that Prime Music and Amazon Music had 32 million subscribers.

In June, Eddy Cue mentioned that Apple Music is enjoying 60 million subscribers, while Spotify had 100 million. Previously, Apple Music had 40 million, which suggests a 20 million growth, or a 50% growth rate from the past year.

Amazon Music subscribers pay $10 monthly, which is the same as Apple Music but the price drops to $8 if you’re a Prime member and only $4 for those who listen only through Echo speakers.

Amazon’s Alexa products were largely cited as the reason for the rapid growth of the music subscription. Furthermore, the retail giant says that they’re engaging a different market than Spotify and Apple Music’s.

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