Apple AirPods were already on discount on Amazon. However, now Amazon has offered another big deal. With the new deal and price discount, Amazon now offers an all-time low price for AirPods selling only for $169. 

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case


With these new Apple AirPods, you get the most fantastic wireless earphone experience. These come with the charging case. All you need is to pull the AirPods out, and they are ready to use. 

These are in perfect sync with Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac and iPad.

With one single charge, you can use these for five hours. With one full charge, you get three hours of talk time. The wireless charging case is easy to use and you can charge the AirPods several times in a day using the wireless charger. It is a fast wireless charger. It will only take fifteen minutes and will fully charge the AirPods. 

These AirPods easily set up with all your Apple devices. These AirPods have the Apple H1 chip which ensures the fast connection between the Apple devices and these earphones. So, what are you waiting for, Amazon is offering an all-time low price for these AirPods. You won’t get a chance to save $30 with the AirPods. Buy the AirPods before the deal ends.


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