Amazon outs new Halo fitness wearable with Alexa capabilities


Amazon today has unveiled its Apple Watch competitor, the ‘Halo’ wearable fitness tracker.


Amazon Halo

While lacking a screen to display steps, time or information, as well as cellular, Wi-Fi or GPS connectivity, ‘Halo’ works with an app and is less distractive than other health trackers.

Amazon ‘Halo’ has a heart rate monitor, two microphones, a temperature sensor and an accelerometer, complemented by five ‘core’ features- tone, body, sleep, labs and activity.

Amazon says the band can take a snapshot of body fat as accurate as seeing a doctor. The user takes a photo using their smartphone, then the app generates a 3D model and checks hotspots for fat and gives the user a glimpse of what they will look like with and without the fat.

The company mentioned how Halo integrates layers of security and privacy to keep user data safe. Data may be deleted and are encrypted by default.

The unit is $64.99 and comes with a Halo membership for 6 months. After that, the service costs $3.99 a month.


Samantha Wiley

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