Amazon web services announce M1 Mac mini availability for customers


M1 Mac mini cloud computing is available for computing instances for Amazon Web Services customers.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s web service is now making instances of the M1 Mac mini and has recently gone live for users. Amazon says that the setup provides up to 60% improved price performance compared to Mac mini instances with the Intel chip.

The EC2, or Elastic Compute Cloud service allows users to run macOS workflows through the cloud. Every instance is powered via a Mac mini attached to the AWS Nitro System, with customers able to choose between macOS Monterey or macOS Big Sur.

Amazon further says that the new Mac mini with M1 chip instances offer several benefits, such as faster rearchitecting, testing and reduced costs. The first preview of the M1 Mac mini instance began in December 2021, while Intel-based Mac mini instances were introduced in December 2020.

Full details and pricing is available on the official Amazon Web Services page.

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