An iPhone 6 Caught Fire in California


An 11-year old girl in California states that her iPhone 6 exploded. Kayla Ramos claims that she was using the iPhone and holding it, then saw sparks and immediately threw the device. The iPhone 6 caught fire and burned holes in the blanket when it landed.

iPhone 6 Fire

In the news report, the 11-year old says she only uses the smartphone to watch YouTube videos. Maria Adata, her mother reached out and Apple instructed her to ship the mobile device to an Apple service center. A new phone was provided with the promise of investigating the incident.

iPhones have caught fire before. A Twitter video showed an iPhone 7 bursting into flames; a man in Ohio reported his iPhone XS Max exploding in his pocket, and one that flamed out because it was constantly overheating while placed under a pillow. Apple says that aftermarket repairs or unauthorized charging cables are possible factors on why this is so, but the Ramos family says they haven’t done either.

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