Analytics firms say App Store games have higher chance to make top rankings


Research firms Sensor Tower and Apptopia have suggested that games in the App Store might have a better chance to make it to the top rankings compared to their app counterparts.

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Sensor Tower published a report that says a non-game app will need to get 156k daily downloads to reach number one in App Store rankings. In 2019, it only required 114k to reach the top spot.

However, in 2020 and due to the pandemic the analytics company said that 185k daily downloads were required to get to number one. In the game genre, Sensor Tower said that developers only need to see 93k in installs, which went down from 171k in 2019.

Apptopia, on the other hand, claims to have figured out Apple’s ranking algorithms, which include App Store ratings, uninstalls, velocity and new users. However, Apptopia mentioned that shooting to the top isn’t always a good thing as there are more users that can submit complaints and notice bugs.

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