Android 12 Will Have Privacy Features Similar to iOS 14


Several leaked screenshots of the upcoming Android 12 suggest that the company will have privacy features that’s similar to the ones introduced in iOS 14.

iOS 14

The early draft summary leaks reveal features such as a green dot that appears on the top right part of the phone, which means that the camera or mic is activated and in use. The small dot can be expanded to reveal specifics, such as which app is using it or when the microphone was recently used.

Aside from that, Google is putting in a toggle that disables the microphone and camera under the privacy settings. Unlike the one that Apple has, the toggle makes the mic and camera inaccessible for every app installed.

The tech giant is also implementing a version of App Tracking Transparency, albeit with less stringent rules. App developers will have to get user permission for tracking them across websites and apps.

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